7 Beechcroft Avenue
Kenley, Surrey. CR8 5JZ
Tel/Fax: 020 8763 2246
email: richard@hillis-frader.co.uk


Since the 1960s Hillis-Frader has been a leading name in the field of vehicle turntable engineering
from manufacture and installation through to the maintenance and repair.

Although based in South London Hillis-Frader carries out the regular maintenance and repair of many vehicle turntables throughout the UK.

This service not only covers vehicle turntables manufactured by us but also those built by other manufacturers.

We are happy to carry out an inspection of any vehicle turntable, followed by a written report as to it’s condition
together with recommendations for any work which we consider necessary for it’s continued efficient and safe operation.

Hillis-Frader will also be happy to provide a quotation for a regular maintenance contract
the number of visits per annum being dependent upon the size, type and usage of your vehicle turntable.